At last a sunny dry day.

Finally a dry sunny day so it was off with the tarp and out with the tools I managed to get some of the timber in to screw the beds and shelves to and the last fillet and tape on the centre board box.DSCF3904DSCF3911DSCF3909DSCF3912


Season is starting.

Talon fell over in the wind last night which sounds worse than it is there was an inflatable for her to fall on to so there is no damage. I’ll build some proper supports before I put her back up.

This year is going to be spent refitting the ballast now I know where it has to go and fitting out so I can sleep aboard so I decided not to launch again this year but to concentrate on making the boat usable inside.

As soon as the weather gets more reliable I’ll remove the tarp and get started.

In other  news the small boat I made as practice for building Talon is getting a rub down and a layer of epoxy and matting I want to use the boat this year on the river Ribble which is only about a mile from my house I ‘m hoping to get on the water in the nest couple of weeks. I’ll post a video of the outing.

Lune Pilot

This is a picture of my old boat taken by a friend from his boat I sailed from Largs to East Loch Tarbert going south of the Isle of Bute it took about 7 hours. The boat is a replica of the boats that used to take the Pilots out to the incoming ships to Glasson Dock on the River Lune that runs into Lancaster.


Weekend at the boat

Work has took over this week so I am going to the boat this weekend , if I can get the boat lifted out I ‘ll get her on the trailer in the yard if the crane driver is not there I ‘ll get the fit out started. I ll post some pics tomorrow of the inside. Here us a couple of pictures from the day I turned over the boat.

turn over 130 turn over 146 turn over 149