Rain rain and more rain.

The weather in the North of England has been nothing but rain for weeks with many areas flooded more than once this winter. The boat has a tarpaulin over it to keep it dry. I plan to start the fit out in March to launch around the end of May and do some cruising in the Morecambe Bay area. anchor 002


Lune Pilot

This is a picture of my old boat taken by a friend from his boat I sailed from Largs to East Loch Tarbert going south of the Isle of Bute it took about 7 hours. The boat is a replica of the boats that used to take the Pilots out to the incoming ships to Glasson Dock on the River Lune that runs into Lancaster.


Weekend at the boat

Work has took over this week so I am going to the boat this weekend , if I can get the boat lifted out I ‘ll get her on the trailer in the yard if the crane driver is not there I ‘ll get the fit out started. I ll post some pics tomorrow of the inside. Here us a couple of pictures from the day I turned over the boat.

turn over 130 turn over 146 turn over 149

More Sailing

Last weekend I was sailing down south in the Solent we sailed from Gosport . It was a good weekend with wind of 20 kn on Saturday and less than 10 kn on Sunday. I forgot my camera so I have no pics of the boat which is a shame it was a Victoria 34 the type of boat you would feel comfortable in setting off across an ocean although they are a bit slow for hopping around the coast. Horses for courses!

The coming weekend will be spent emptying TALON ready to be lifted out of the water and taken back to the workshop to be fitted out internally .

Resuming work

I’ve been tied up with a family holiday and work for the last couple of weeks. I am going down to the docks tomorrow to start planning the interior fit out. In the meantime I visited a maritime museum in the historic city of Lancaster and saw this boat. Its a called a Whammel  named after the fishing nets that were used from it in the Lune Estuary.  The other boat is owned by a friend I met at the docks it is  a plywood epoxy construction like mine but larger its 34ft with a junk rig.DSCF3005 DSCF3006