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A lot of my sea time is spent being a sailing instructor at RYA sailing schools its a great way to meet some interesting people I otherwise would have never met. For a short time I  owned a 38ft yacht for sail training and chartering. Nothing prepares you for the expense of owning such a boat. I have now gone back to my original passion of small boat cruising.

Where I live in the North West of England the tide goes out for miles and leaves behind sand banks or shallow channels so having a shoal draft boat that can take the ground is a great advantage.

I decided to build one. This year I intend to cruise Morecambe Bay then in the winter fit the boat out for cruising and living on and make my way to the Western Isles a place I have sailed through on a scheduled charter trip but I have never had the time to explore the area properly and indulge my other passion Whisky.

Please leave comments or questions it will help me create content and make the whole project more interesting.


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