I have finally finished all the jobs that need doing before I can finish the painting. These were the spacers for the chainplates and the board on the floor where I am fitting the depth sounder and all the supports for the seats and berths etc.


4 thoughts on “Painting

  1. brianwoodruff2015 Post author

    Hi Judy
    Painting dungeree photo on it’s way . The boat is the same one as last year it’s in my back garden at the moment I am fitting out the inside so I can sleep on it etc I ‘ve got involved with a different project this year we are sailing a boat called DeLinde to Lanzarote in a couple of weeks from Preston when I get back I ‘m going to finish the boat and launch it again next April probably keep it at Fleetwood.


    1. judyparker1

      I’ve just spotted your last comment on here, making my last comment unnecessary…..You were not alone! But then how do people , not you, do the war, loo, sleep thing if they ARE on their own? I’ve had a go on a boat on the broads and you need full concentration at all times. Even more so when drinking…


  2. brianwoodruff2015 Post author

    On this trip I had four crew including the owner. The loo activity is catered for by a sea toilet which when not in use is dry but as you produce waste you pump a hand pump which draws in sea water an removes said waste straight into the sea but if you are in the Mediterranean and near a port you have to have a holding tank which is emptied in ports that have facilities for emptying them or you sail far enough off shore and empty the tank into the sea.
    When you are sailing near land not unlike when you were on the Broads you need to be constantly on guard for hazards but when you are ocean sailing it is a lot less stressful and the main hazard is shipping. If you see a ship on the horizon it will take fifteen minutes to reach your position. If you are sailing single handed the drill is to use one of those hand held cooking timers or similar to wake you up every fifteen minutes so you can scan the horizon for ships. I personally would rather sit in a dark room on my own than sail single handed it must be very boring most of the time.
    When you have a crew we operate a four hour watch system on this trip we used the same beds in the main saloon for both watches the owner did the cooking etc if the is no designated cook we take it in turns to be the domestic of the day.



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