Foiled by the weather again

stringers 004 stringers 002Even building boats seems to be governed by the weather. Today it was only 4.4 degrees so to cold for epoxy. I am running out of jobs I can do without glue. The only thing I can do now is make the frame for the hatch. I have made a mock up so I will make a cutting list and order the timber tomorrow.

I clamped the deck stringers in place ready to accept the hatch frame and positioned the seats to work out how best to fit out  the cockpit.


2 thoughts on “Foiled by the weather again

  1. Ian lythgoe

    Looking good ,like you said be careful with paint in low temps because although it will dry I`ve been told that it does not contract and key properly to the surface so will be prone to flaking earlier. P.S what type of boat did you say it was .



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